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by cozy3pilot 07 Oct 2014, 07:44
Hi I have a fridge for sale, in perfect working order and little used. (fits under worktop)
We have bought a fridge/freezer so this is surplus to requirements.
I'm open to offers, and may be able to deliver as well!
by Pete Jones 07 Oct 2014, 09:23
Hi Glenn how old is the fridge,what make ,what condition is it in and does it have the small freezer compartment ?
I have no idea what you want for it coz it depends on what you paid for it and how old it is the main thing is that it is fully finctional.
I could be interested.
by cozy3pilot 07 Oct 2014, 10:14
Hi Pete,
It is about 5 years old, but only used about 3-4 weeks a year,(when we are out here) yes it has got the small freezer compartment, and it works as it always has done, I can't remember what I paid for it or what they go for, also it depends whether you need it delivered or not, as that would cost me extra if you are not in Akbuk. I am here till the 16th. I was hoping for around 100tyl
by Bugsy 08 Oct 2014, 08:22
I would be interested if Pete does not want this. Can collect from Akbuk too.
Many Thanks.
by Bugsy 09 Oct 2014, 10:26
Thanks, I have replied.
Having trouble getting on here today as I think Turkey is blocking sites, so on a friends computer now to check if you had responded.
Will speak on phone tomorrow.
THanks Again.

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