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by jasdionne 13 Oct 2014, 18:23
Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a slow cooker please, would bring one from home but too heavy? Thanks Lizzie

Lizzie and Kenny
by jasdionne 13 Oct 2014, 19:25
Thank you will have to see if can get a light weight one, the one I use at home is just so heavy. Cheers x

Lizzie and Kenny
by PJRichards 14 Oct 2014, 05:29
I took a George Forman one over over in a sports bag, no problems.
When we sold up in June it was left there as no one wanted it.
I bet the Turks that bought our place probably chucked it.
by Bugsy 14 Oct 2014, 07:45
You can buy a multi-cooker in Kipa. It is a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and deep-fat fryer.
I think it was about 180tl, but sometimes on special offer.
I found a picture of a link to a similar one with an instruction book:- ... _832_20989

There are lots of people here who are desperate for slow-cookers, so don't know why you could not find a taker for your George Foreman one!!!!
by jasdionne 19 Oct 2014, 23:21
I did have a look in Kipa but couldn't see anything. Will try again next time I am over. Cheers Lizzie x

Lizzie and Kenny
by freddy65 22 Oct 2014, 00:17
The morphy richards sear and stew slow cookers are very light. Just exactly like normal slow cookers but the inside is non stick metal instead of pot. Argos have them for £24.99 for 3.5 litres.
by Bugsy 27 Oct 2014, 11:31
Our slow cooker was finally laid to rest this week after about 10yrs of useage (6.5yrs here).

We have had a look in town and found one in Kartal Spot near to Carrefour.
It is a Korkmaz multi-cooker and is priced at 275tl in the catalogue with a 4yr guarantee. ... adora-1705
However, we asked a Turkish friend and he found us the same one on the internet for 200tl at Bimeks, so we intend to go into Altinkum to see about buying this one later in the week. ... aspx#specs
Hope this helps with your decision.
by jasdionne 27 Oct 2014, 19:47
Thank you so much for your replies at least I know I can get one in Didim rather than having to bring one over. Cheers Lizzie xx

Lizzie and Kenny

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