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by malcolm 21 Feb 2015, 11:09
Where is the pork shop in Didim ,please

by manic23 21 Feb 2015, 11:56
Taken from TLF:=
"Apparently, the pork shop has moved , it's now on the Marina road near Mango bar "

Keith & Sarah
by malcolm 21 Feb 2015, 12:11

by pollyg 21 Feb 2015, 13:59
ooo too far away from us by time we get back it will be defrosted
by lesleyb15 21 Feb 2015, 20:24
It's Marina Road not Marmaris. Get a freezer bag?
by JJH 21 Feb 2015, 20:51
It takes about 45mins from where we are to get to it same as
Pollyg, Marina Road is a long road, quicker to go to Boulevard
for us, can't see them doing much business there :(
by pollyg 21 Feb 2015, 21:10
thank you jjh

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