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by johnnetplus 15 Apr 2015, 15:51
Just noticed that the £ now equals 4 TL! A record high.

Yet when I check the rates on offer on the High Street the best you tend to get is way short of that figure (3.43TL).

Does anyone know why this should be the case? Okay I accept a small difference like the Euro to the £ ( some 3%). But we are talking about a 17% difference here!! Someone is making a shed load of money on the exchange rates. So annoyed. :(

Kind regards John
by debbie 15 Apr 2015, 18:04
Thomas exchange are giving 3.75 and marks and Spencer's 3.81 at the moment. We go over next week so it's a dilemma, change now in case it goes down or wait and get a better rate in resort!!!!

d wenham
by JJH 15 Apr 2015, 19:26
Just had a call from my friend who says it is 3.95 in resort.
by johnnetplus 15 Apr 2015, 22:40
We tend to get a few TL to tidy us over. But get our TL once in resort using cash but mostly via Cash Machines. We have a special account which allows us to get the exchange rates and pay no charge. But I realise most people may not have that facility with their banks. I think the Nationwide had an account like that but unsure if they still do that. So for us it's like being in the UK, we go to a cash machine and draw out money when we need it. I pay meal bills using Visa too but only at certain places in resort. Got to be careful of cloning the card etc. overall a mix and match approach really.

Kind regards John
by patbaz 17 Apr 2015, 18:02
Hi all I got 3.83 today with Asda exchange on (click and collect), order on line and collect on a day to suit you

by Derekfrizzel 17 Apr 2015, 18:58
The best rate is at the banks in Didim. The queues are long in the busier banks like Akbank and Garanti but I went into HSBC further up the Boulevard last year and got all my money transferred in one go.

The question now is do you buy at the UK rate of about 3.8 to the £.

Last year you were getting about 3.3 to 3.5. It is difficult to judge.

Personally, I would like to see it drop a good bit. I bought my flat in 2007 for 63,000 TL when the rate was 2.1 to the £. I took out a mortgage for £35,000 to cover the property, fees an furniture and I estimate that I will pay back the bank £48,000 for a property worth approx £16,000 at today's rate.

I know there will be others in a similar situation if they bought in 2007 so I would like to see a stronger lira.

Derek Frizzel
by JJH 17 Apr 2015, 19:57
I always get change in resort much better rate, personally
I am going to take a risk and get it there, we go beginning
of May its a risk whatever you decide to do but thats life ;)
by Lyn 18 Apr 2015, 09:40
We got 4.00/£ at Sinbad's jewellers yesterday, changing some Sterling we still had on returning from the UK.

BTW: Sinbad's has now moved further down Ataturk Blvd a few doors from the Sobe Bar.

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