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by anniem 31 May 2015, 12:59
does anyone know how much it is for a top up from avea so i can use my laptop in my apartment please

a mellon
by oldfogy 31 May 2015, 14:14
Are you talking about topping up a 'Dongle' ?
And do you already have a dongle?

Also for how long do you want to use it? (hours, days, or weeks)
Or is it just for a couple of weeks whilst on holiday?

Do you intend streaming movies or is it just for surfing and sending emails.

Are there no free wi-fi spots around that you can get the password for close to your apartment?

Hopefully someone will be able to give you some clearer information with taking the above into consideration.
by anniem 31 May 2015, 14:53
hi its to top up a avea dongle which i already have just need top up for 3 weeks while i am on holiday its just for surfing and e mails there is no one near my apt who i can get password off thanks

a mellon
by oldfogy 31 May 2015, 15:02
ok thanks, that should make it easier for someone to give you more accurate information, but top-ups usually depend on how much data you will want to use, so maybe just try a £10 top-up to see how long that lasts before putting too much on it.

Streaming movies or possibly TV soaps can use quite a bit of data.
by oldfogy 03 Jun 2015, 18:52
Sorry to see there have not been any other replies, but I also just came across this topic on TLF ... ywifi.html concerning a company called 'AllDayWifi'

Just thought for anyone else coming across this thread that it could also be what seems a good alternative if one does not already have a Dongle of their own.

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