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by bomkaz 21 Sep 2015, 17:25
As anyone gone beyond Altinkum / didim to buy furniture is it worth going somewhere else to buy beds sofas etc would be interesting to know if the savings are worth the trip if so where should we go
by Shakespeares 21 Sep 2015, 17:46
Some years ago we tried both Soke and Gazimir (Izmir) but we didn't see any difference in prices. We decided it was probably better to buy in Yenihisar after all, at least it was local to complain if anything was wrong.
by Bugsy 22 Sep 2015, 07:00
I guess it depends what sort of furniture you want, but there is certainly more choice in Altinkum now than there was 9/10yrs ago, it was all very much 'the same' for everyone then, with not a lot of choice.

I quite like some of the Settees in Ikea, as they have a higher back than a lot of Turkish settees, so will probably go there when we need to replace our Leather Settees we brought with us.
They also do some nice looking single beds that have a second bed that slides out from underneath. Worth a look at their website/catalogue on-line, but they do charge for delivery.
by bomkaz 22 Sep 2015, 11:06
Where is lkea have anyone shopped for furniture in soke had a look in Altinkum at sofas did not like any
by Bugsy 23 Sep 2015, 13:27
Ikea is near Izmir, just off the main toll Motorway (E87). There are plenty of day trips there for you to go and have a look around if you don't drive. Or, I guess you could possibly hire a man with a van if you know there is something that you want to get. Lots of nice bedding, kitchen stuff in there too (Garden furniture is good prices too in the spring).
by elizaflint 23 Sep 2015, 15:03
I personally like the traditional Turkish furniture, IKEA can be a bit bland, but it's all a matter of taste ...


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