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by Tommo 24 Sep 2015, 20:36
Hi all back out in couple weeks does anyone know the cost of an eye test in Didim or would you recommend having it done before we go .My wife is looking to replace her glasses and I was told the Opticians are very reasonable if you have any info it would be appreciated thanks Tom :D :geek:
by Shakespeares 25 Sep 2015, 18:18
We got our glasses from Yavuz Optic, opposite the big mosque on Cumhurriet, and have been very happy with them. They organised the trip to the hospital for the test, it was the same day, and only cost us 15TL each, I think the "yabanci price" has gone up since though.
by Tommo 26 Sep 2015, 01:16
Thank you we will contact them as soon as we get out the test is a great saving alone as it costs £17 for a test at Specsavers and then about £125 for the frames plus £100 for the lenses thanks again Tom :D

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