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by Bugsy 02 Feb 2016, 08:33
Just in case anyone is like us & does not have a Satellite Internet Provider in their area.
We went to their offices in Didim (near PTT) on the advise of a Turkish friend.

TTNET (Internet).
We were on a contract that did not expire until 13.10.2016 (Ultranet Limitsiz 50GB) for 50tl a month.
We got a new 2yr contract (Ultranet Limitsiz 75GB) for 49tl a month & were given a new Modem free!!
For those not understanding, the internet is unlimited, but has increased from 50GB to 75GB before they reduce the speed due to their fair usage policy.

Turk Telekom (Home Phone).
We had already updated this last year & also got a bargain here as the contract reduced in price from 23tl with no free calls to 15tl a month.
We have 3000 minutes of free calls a month to Turkish Mobiles & Landlines & also many other Landlines which we know to include Canada, Bulgaria & UK but cannot confirm all countries that would be covered.

Turk Telekom (Mobile phone through AVEA network)
Whilst there, looked at changing telephone over from Turkcell (We were getting fed up of having to remember to top-up on the correct day to continue using the PAYG package on new Samsung Mobile Phones with Internet).
With Turkcell we had 20tl a month for 1GB Internet, 400mins talk & 1000 SMS.
With them, we get to keep the same telephone number & will get 2GB Internet, 1000 mins talk & 1000 SMS for the same money. Also, this will be a billed account & can be paid through the bank by DD so we will not have to remember to top-up on the correct day to keep the package anymore.
This will take a few days to activate, so are hoping everything will go through smoothly.

Hope this helps anyone thinking about renewing their contracts.
by Lyn 02 Feb 2016, 10:46
We updated out internet with them a few months ago. Because of the quizzes I do I needed unlimited internet which we have now with a download speed of between 6 & 8 mbps and it's 106 TL a month.

I used to be indecisive, but now I think I'm better.
by Bugsy 04 Feb 2016, 07:55
Generally speaking, we get between 8 & 12, but has at times been lower. (10.46 currently)
We sometimes think that they cut the speed deliberately (we don't use our quota) to try & encourage customers to contact them & renew their contracts or upgrade. If ours goes really low, we phone them & complain & if we get the good operator, they instantly up the speed - have had 13 before!!!!
Some areas have cable though, so get a lot better speeds.
On their current listing for downloads up to 16mbps it is 49tl for 75GB & 54tl for 100GB.

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