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by deborah 01 Jun 2016, 19:08
Hi all, please tell me where I can purchase diet drinks, in particular diet lemonade, my vodka just isn't the same without it - many thanks -
by gibbsy 01 Jun 2016, 19:17
The Sok sell it and so do the Kipa, just look for the bottles marked 'şekersiz'.
by deborah 01 Jun 2016, 22:45
Thank you very much
by Jan 02 Jun 2016, 08:41
There is one brand of lemonade called 'Camla'
or very similiar to that :lol:
by Bugsy 02 Jun 2016, 12:00
On brand names, it is more usual to see 'light/lite' instead of 'diet'. Also the same if asking for it in a bar/café.
by oldfogy 02 Jun 2016, 12:10
I know it's not Turkey but when we were in Morocco they had a tendency to call it 'Zero' as with the Zero Coke Cola.
by allison3369 02 Jun 2016, 12:39

Most of the shops & supermarkets sell diet drinks you can get diet camilik (lemonade) which is quite nice in Carrefour and Migros

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