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by silentknight 19 Aug 2018, 22:20
Hi. We are coming out to Altinkum in a week and we need to replace our hot water system on the roof as it has leaked for a while despite getting it fixed a couple of times. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to get a new one and any idea of the cost (including fitting)? Many thanks.
by ted j 20 Aug 2018, 08:08
We had a new one fitted by Cetin .....05457819914
He has a shop down Ege road, quite a way down on the left hand side
We were getting no pressure on the top deck , so opted for a sealed system (the water you draw off is heated by a copper coil inside the tank , the water inside that circulates round the panels and has antifreeze in it , so we now have brilliant pressure )
He gave us a few different quotes , from memory we got the 1700lira one and are well satisfied

The only problem with a sealed system, is you can't regulate the water temperature, so to stop the system from blowing up, when the pressure gets too high, a valve, near the tank , opens and releases either really hot water or steam until the pressure is relieved (works very well)

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