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by p9cbs 16 Jul 2015, 20:12
Hi all,
I have booked flights for October half term, 2 adults and 1 child with Pegasus but I need to sell them because we can no longer go. I imagine the best way to do this is to find a buyer and do a name change- does that sound right? I know different companies have different charges for this- does anyone know what Pegasus' policy is? I realise it may not be worth trying to sell them if the fees are to much but it might be worth a try.
Thanks, Claire
by Juco 16 Jul 2015, 20:37
I would suggest phoning or emailing Pegasus and asking how much it costs per name change, you can then decide if it is viable and or build it in to the selling price.

by p9cbs 16 Jul 2015, 21:26
Thanks Juco, Looking at my booking there is an option to 'cancel flights' however, it tells me nothing about any charges for doing this. I am scared to press 'cancel' without knowing the consequences so I have emailed Pegasus. I know from past experience though that they tend not to answer e-mails. Failing that I will phone unless anyone who has experienced this situation before can tell me more in the meantime.
Thank-you, Claire
by oldfogy 16 Jul 2015, 21:35
If you do contact Pegasus to ask about the charges, make sure you get the cost of 'TRANSFERRING' the ticket which will be a totally different and HIGHER charge than just a name change.

Basically a name change could be deemed as a person maybe getting married and therefore having a name change and not actually transferring the ticket to a third party.

One company that I can think of charges £35 for a name change, but £120 to transfer the ticket to a third party (different person).
But they can also increase the cost if the current ticket cost has also risen.

It's all designed to stop people buying cheap tickets either on specials or when they first come out and then selling them on later for a profit.

Also you may want to check your cancellation terms to see if you can and how much you might get back if you just cancel the tickets.
Plus is there any just reason that could be used to claim on your insurance?
by webb89 17 Jul 2015, 17:05
I cancelled a couple of flights with Pegasus and I got a full refund of the ticket price.

I can't remember how far out from travel date it was but it happened on line without phone calls or letters etc.
by p9cbs 17 Jul 2015, 19:07
That is good news Webb 89. Did you just hit the 'cancel' button on their website then? I can see that I can do that but I cannot find any terms and conditions that tell me if there are costs etc. Our tickets are late October so 3 months notice hopefully will be ok.
by oldfogy 17 Jul 2015, 19:16
Personally I think no matter what you get from Pegasus it will be more than from a third party trying to get the name change/transfer, so either phone them up and ask or just go for it and press the continue button and yes, hope for the best.

Don't forget every day you hesitate your payback % is getting less and less.
by Bugsy 18 Jul 2015, 08:39
Just looked at their website and it says non-refundable unless it is a Flexi Ticket.
Baggage, meals, fuel surcharge are refundable though.
Also read that once you press the cancel button it will tell you the terms of cancellation, but I think I would rather phone to check in case it just cancels it completely without giving you a chance to back out of it.
If they were not going to refund me anything, I wouldn't tell them, as they can sell the flight again!!
Good Luck in whatever you choose to do.
by oldfogy 18 Jul 2015, 13:57
They surely have to have some sort of cancellation policy for all tickets, not just Flexi Tickets (whatever one of those is)

As I mentioned earlier, is it possible to get a cancellation on medical grounds?
by webb89 20 Jul 2015, 08:40
From memory I just hit the cancel button and took it from there. I had a regular ticket dont think it was flexi.

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