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by oldfogy 21 Jan 2016, 19:14
Pegasus flying from Stansted, direct flights I think are mainly to Izmir on a Sunday.

Then again, which area do you live or would prefer to fly from?

I know it says 'Ireland' (below your name and Avatar), but sometimes people do not always have a up-to-date profile, plus there are various airports that could probably be recommended if willing to travel.
by oldfogy 21 Jan 2016, 21:51
Although for May and June but both of flights are direct, both coming and going to and from Izmir and both are on a Sunday, 22.05.2016 - 26.06.2016
I also have a return flight booked for Saturday 15.10.2016 direct from from Izmir to Stansted.

So the thing is, flights are or at least have been available other than any one specific day. so you will need to use all of your search skills and hopefully find a flight that suits you.

One thing to be careful of when searching, with the results I found the direct flight was always the first flight on the search list regardless of time, basically it did not follow in-line with other flights.
by Bugsy 22 Jan 2016, 08:26
You will not currently get direct flights to Bodrum in the Winter.

Turkish Airlines are offering reasonably priced flights (£175 return, including food/luggage) but they are via Istanbul & can fly to Bodrum or Izmir from there.
I usually find there is less waiting time at Istanbul if you pick Izmir flights though.
Just looked & they also fly from Dublin, for about 380EURO.

Quite a few of my friends here use Pegasus or Lufthansa in the winter too.
by Sharon Knight 22 Jan 2016, 14:54
Lufthansa have stopped the Izmir flights in winter, but will be doing the flights again in the summer, real shame as we've used these flights for the past few years, and with a quick stopover in Munich both ways, excellent flights times with baggage & food/drink all included at around £170 return they could not be beaten.
We we due to fly back in November, but they changed us onto Turkish Airlines vis Istanbul and it was a nightmare, never again

by Aarhus9 23 Jan 2016, 09:12
Lufthansa have now changed their pricing structure. They no longer include luggage in their base prices and you will find it adds around £50 per round trip for it. We also used to go via Munich or other German airports from Manchester and found it only increased the journey time for an hour or two, plus you had the added bonus of buying duty free products and cigarettes from Germany to bring back to th UK without penalty unlike Turkey. Lufthansa are part of the Star Alliance group and a partner of Turkish Airlines and you will probably find thetotal prices to be similar, prefence tends to go with how long you stop over in Istanbul or Germany. Turkish Airlines however incude luggsge free meals and drinks in their prices, to a good standard as well. Most flights also have up to date in flight movies to choose from. We still find using these companies plus Pegasus and Atlas to be far cheaper than companies trading out of the UK
who have for many years now penalised us for flights to Turkey (jet2, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Monarch etc). Some of the summer flights are on a pricing level with flights to the far east and america.
by Sharon Knight 23 Jan 2016, 13:46
Just been looking at options for flying out in March, and been looking at Thomas Cook Man/Antalya then an internal flight to Izmir, total cost was £81 Thos Cook flight and then £5.89 for the Pegasus internal flight, so might be another option for people, and there is only a 2 hour wait at Antalya,

Sharon :D

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