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by siobhan 25 Jan 2016, 13:39
I was in Turkey in September for a week. Have need to go back this month/next month. Do I have to apply for another e Visa, as I'm unsure about the re-entry situation. Does the visa stamped in my passport in September last 6 months and I can go back in without buying another????
by slammer1211 26 Jan 2016, 07:41
It tells you on your Evisa the date it is valid to
by mary 27 Jan 2016, 11:23
I just now tried to apply forms evisa

Last year were able to do it 7 months prior to entry now it is only allowing you to do it exactly three months.
by oldfogy 27 Jan 2016, 18:37
Yes 3 months is the soonest you can apply.

Not meaning to be rude, but it would be better to just use the one thread for this topic or else you may get replies spread over different threads and then it causes confusion.

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