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by Aarhus9 24 May 2016, 07:25
Pegasus have just cancelled all their summer programme of direct flights to Bodrum for this summer.
We got the telephone call yesterday to cancel our flight for next week???, but they never mentioned our flights for August/September until I asked and that's when they said.the whole summer programme had been cancelled.
This was the first year they have ever flown flights from Manchester, weekly on Monday and now within a few weeks of the season starting they have stopped. The prices were very good too.
Do you think this is down to people now not wanting to travel to Turkey in the present climate?
It has just been on the news here in the UK this morning to say holidays to Tunisia are 90% down on last year, this of course could have the similar sort of effect as to Turkey.
Not bother us mind, we have just had to find alternative flights and as most know the British flight companies don't half rip you off especially near the school holidays.
One leg of our flights next week has now cost us £180 extra on top of what we paid with Pegasus. and we have now to find alternative flights for August,
by Aarhus9 24 May 2016, 15:31
Hi Shakespeare's.
I have never heard of European Airlines and searching the web there is a company by that name in Norway but they do not fly to Turkey.
I was just trying to give people the heads up for if they have booked summer flights from Manchester to Bodrum they are likely to be receiving a call that their flights are cancelled but it may not be for some time until Pegasus make contact with them. Pegasus only offer the alternative of a flight to Dalaman.
And of course other companies empty seats are likely to be taken soon or even increase in price now that demand is likely.

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