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by Juco 28 Jun 2016, 20:54
A gun and bomb attack on Istanbul's Ataturk international airport has killed at least 10 people and injured others, with reports of at least one suicide bomber.

At least 20 people were also wounded with casualties being reportedly rushed to hospital in taxis......

by The Southalls 29 Jun 2016, 16:18
This will ruin tourism for Turkey if it carries on.
And if they get into the EU, it will spread like wildfire, as the militants will have unrestricted access to the rest of Europe.
by annabelle 29 Jun 2016, 21:20
Tourism is already 45% down this year in Turkey ,a lot of Cruise Ships have taken Turkey off their places to visit especially Istanbul .
I saw a video of Lara Beach in Antalya a few days ago it was completely deserted. ,shame we were there 2 years ago and it was packed mainly with Russian tourists .
We were planning on going back to Icmeler in October not sure if we will be going now its sad for the Turkish businesses who rely on Tourists its a short season for many areas .Ann :cry:
by The Southalls 30 Jun 2016, 07:19
Annabelle, we have left Turkey off our holiday list for a few years, mainly due to the increase in ISIS and related activity on Turkey's borders, as well as inside them.
We were planning on coming back to Altinkum next summer, but as recent events have shown, Turkey is still a volatile country, and I'm afraid that the safety and security of my family (especially our 2 young children) is paramount, and we will have to put our plans on hold for a while.
by annabelle 30 Jun 2016, 08:58
Ahh that's a shame do you still have a place there?

We sold 5 years ago but have still visited another area in Turkey each year we love Icmeler and was planning to go again this year if nothing else happened there terrorist related as my Daughter didn't want us to go back to Turkey.
Now it looks like we will be going elsewhere instead but is anywhere now safe with all these nutters around Europe I wont even visit London now :cry: Ann
by The Southalls 30 Jun 2016, 09:34
No Ann,
We contemplated buying a few years ago, but then due to domestic circumstances at home, we decided it was better to stay put for a while, and just visit Turkey every year, and give the little ones the chance to explore elsewhere as well.
As the wife is a teacher, and the children are both of school age, we can only get away during school holidays, and we would have only used the apartment twice a year - 2 weeks at Easter and possibly 5 weeks in the summer, and the first week of each break would have been cleaning/maintaining etc..
Then there's always the worry of security and weather impact during the periods we weren't there, so it made sense to stick to our plans of visiting Turkey every summer, and go elsewhere at Easter.
Now, with the increase in terrorist activity, we feel we made the right decision, and can choose where we go, keeping our family safe (as safe as one can these days), but for how much longer remains to be seen.


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