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by oldfogy 09 Aug 2016, 14:45
I came across this yesterday and thought it might be worth sharing especially as the subject does crop up from time-to-time.

The original question related from someone not knowing when their current visa expires, to which to find out the information if you go to the eVisa web site ''then at the bottom of the page'' which is usually off-screen so you will need to scroll down, then click on the ''Ongoing Application'' link.

Although it shows 'New Application Application Status' in the title you are offered 2 options : -

Reference No
[This is your current eVisa reference number Which you possibly don't know, which is why you are trying to find your previous visa.]

Passport Number
E-mail address

[Providing you know the email address you originally used and your passport number on the date of application, then this will probably be the option to chose]

Then enter the security code, if successful you will be taken to the next page with all your relevant details and also a link you can download a copy from: -
Click the button below to download and save your e-Visa. The link to download your e-Visa has also been e-mailed to you.

As I will have a overlapping eVisa the next time I go over to Turkey I decided to try it, and yes it showed what will be my latest application, so 'hopefully' this is what will show at passport control when I flash my eVisa paper copy at the officer because I need to enter and leave on the same visa.

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