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by grumpy 17 Sep 2016, 08:24
I have booked with Pegasus to fly via Istanbul to Stansted and they offer 25% off fast track at airport. I have been trying to purchase this by using both my Turkish phone number and my english one which is registered with pegasus plus account but it will not accept either. My card is an English one which was used to purchase flights. Has anybody else experienced this or am i doing something wrong? I can purchase as airport but i wont then get the 25% 0ff
by oldfogy 17 Sep 2016, 12:34
Sorry only got one thought on this, which is are you inserting the correct country code in the phone number?
by grumpy 17 Sep 2016, 17:08
Thank you for your reply, the place to put phone number starts with 05 which is turkish mobile phone number. Cant remember if i tried putting english code in for english mobile will try that in case i didnt. Was getting frustrated as it should have been an easy thing to do.
by oldfogy 17 Sep 2016, 18:00
So try 00905xxxxxxx

As with other phone codes you will drop the first 0.

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