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by justubean 04 Jan 2017, 23:48
Hi all
I need advice regarding our upcoming trip. We are travelling to Izmir via Istanbul and i need to know where our luggage will end up at Izmir. Domestic or International?

Also, when we check in at Heathrow is that the last we will see of our luggage or will we need collect it at Istanbul and recheck in.

Both flights are with Turkish Airlines.

Thanks for your help.


Julia & Stuart
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by WRD60 05 Jan 2017, 08:41
Hi, luggage will be collected at Izmir in International Terminal, you will need to walk from the International Terminal at Istanbul to the Domestic Terminal to complete passport formalities etc but you will not see your luggage until you reach Izmir. One other point, if you intend to carry duty free (liquids) it will need to be in a sealed bag from Heathrow otherwise they will not allow you to carry it into the Domestic Lounge in Istanbul.
by justubean 05 Jan 2017, 10:22
Great. Thanks. Just one more question. I have done the walk from International to Domestic at Izmir via the outside. Can you go through the inside of the terminals?


Julia & Stuart
Aquamarine Apartments
by Lyn 05 Jan 2017, 11:52
When we did this journey there was a small bus waiting at the domestic terminal at Izmir to take us to the International terminal to collect our luggage.

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by WRD60 05 Jan 2017, 14:52
Yes you can walk through the inside of the terminal from Domestic to International, you obviously still need to go through the customs formalities in the International Terminal.

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