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by cozy3pilot 07 Jun 2017, 07:50
Has anyone tried this yet??

Travelling with a cabin bag only? Cut out the stress! Put your bag in our hands when you arrive at the airport and enjoy:
• Priority Bag Drop (easyJet Plus)
• Hassle free security
• Be the first on board after Speedy Boarding
• Your bag delivered quickly on the baggage belt
Make a quick stop at Bag Drop and ask our Ground Crew to upgrade for only £4 per person!
by cozy3pilot 07 Jun 2017, 08:59
I don't understand how this can beat the tablet ban?
All they do is take your cabin bag and put it in the hold :?
You are still not allowed to have a tablet inside the cabin on the return journey from Turkey

Because you are allowed a tablet in the hold but not in the cabin. so if you pay the £4 fee you can put your cabin bag with all the other hold baggage.
by clivecollins 07 Jun 2017, 18:57
Just come back from Altinkum, put iPad etc in hand luggage droped off at bag drop off, no charge, joined the standard queue, boarded same time as priority boarding, arrived at gatwick and bag was waiting on carousel, no need to pay extra
by Lyn 08 Jun 2017, 08:34
Just come back having done 3 flights with easyJet. The maximum size you are allowed to carry on board (according to their posters) is no bigger than
16cm * 9.3cm * 1.5cm.

This size applies to IPads, mobile DVD players, Kindles etc. etc.

BTW: Just got back from Lanzarote. Won't be going back.

I used to be indecisive, but now I think I'm better.
by Duke 08 Jun 2017, 11:29
Why can't people just do what they're supposed to do according to new rules??? Maybe it's too difficult for today's generation to understand that we have to live by rules law & laws it's part of civilized living!! Half these knee jerk rules wouldn't be implemented IF people had adhered to the rules initially !! Now we ALL have to suffer the inconveniences !!

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by cozy3pilot 08 Jun 2017, 11:54
Rules are made for the obeyance of fools and the guidance of the wise! (depends which category you place yourself in),ie:- I have spent countless minutes waiting at broken-down traffic lights stuck on RED and the fool in front is too afraid to cross over even though there isn't a car in sight!
by Lyn 09 Jun 2017, 11:28
cozy3pilot wrote:that is onboard ie in the cabin, In the hold no size limitation within reason and within 20kg weight

Yes, forgot to say that. :? :?

I used to be indecisive, but now I think I'm better.

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