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by Juco 29 Jan 2018, 12:44
Posted by Kim (moved to more relevant section)

i know it is not same subject, i am interested in others views and opinions. the lady jailed for taking pain killers in to egypt has been given a pardon. people have written to say she should not have been imprisoned in the first place. what i would like to know is this : how does somebody manage to have 290 prescription only tablets in their possession, when they are not the prescribed person in the first place?!!!
posted by jim.
p.s. there could be some logical explanation of course.

by Shakespeares 29 Jan 2018, 16:35
I think its a Russian conspiracy. The idea was to paralyse the Egyptian government with the painkillers, then the Russians could annex the place.
Or maybe the North Koreans......................................

As you question, if the NHS is as good as the propaganda says, who is getting the backhanders and who ends up paying for them?
Perhaps a while in an Egyptian prison has ended this little game.

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