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by cozy3pilot 30 Jan 2020, 07:46
Hi All, I am flying from Heathrow to Bodrum via Istanbul, does anyone know which terminal I need to go to; to collect my hold baggage?
by michaelm 31 Jan 2020, 21:38
If you are using the same airline for both legs of the journey then you luggage should be transferred in Istanbul directly to the Bodrum flight. If you are changing airline in Istanbul you will be arriving in the international terminal and you will have to collect your luggage there after having gone through passport control. You will then have to proceed to the domestic terminal and then process you luggage for the Bodrum flight.
by cozy3pilot 19 Feb 2020, 19:00
My hold baggage went direct to the international arrivals at Bodrum. My flight however was a domestic from ist to bjv. So I wasn't sure where my bag would end up.I will know for the future! :D

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