For non Turkey related matters that do not fit elsewhere
by durham rader 20 Dec 2014, 13:43
How many have pet hates mine ,drivers who drive with no lights on at dusk or dawn or foggy conditions. driving while using a mobile phone, they keep saying its worse than drink driving so why not automatic ban like drink driving. middle lane hogger s. also the people who stand at the belts of the carousel for suit cases if they stand back and watch for their case to come round then walk forward to collect it

RAchel /DERrick. To far North to be English and to far South to be Scottish.
by scottie 20 Dec 2014, 14:38
Ditto :!:
Gosh, I could have written your post and would have added, drivers who keep their foot on the brakes at traffic lights at night. The brightness tends to leave me with a headache.
by oldfogy 20 Dec 2014, 17:57
Have to admit carousels and suit cases are certainly towards the top of my list.

Then we have the saying:
''At the end of the day'' just what does that really mean and yet most of us say it.

''Just a minute'' knowing full well we mean maybe or well lets just say a damn sight more than 60 seconds (a minute)
by Juco 20 Dec 2014, 18:07
Banks and politicians, too many reasons to list why.

by webb89 21 Dec 2014, 19:46
People who ring in to radio talk shows and say 'thank you for taking my call'.

Well it wouldn't be much of a phone in if they didn't would it! :evil:
by Lyn 22 Dec 2014, 12:20
Then we have the saying:
''At the end of the day'' just what does that really mean and yet most of us say it.

I always respond to this one with ... "It's midnight" :D

With age comes skills, it's called multi-tasking. I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.
by St Domingo 22 Dec 2014, 13:23
Kopites :lol: :lol: :lol:

nil satis nisi optimum
by scottie 22 Dec 2014, 15:20
One of mine,at the moment, is seeing people talk with their tongues half-hanging out.
This is due,correct me if I'm wrong, to children not being taught at schoo,l to pronounce the alphabet correctly.
It was instilled in us very early on, that only whilst saying a word containing 'th', should the tip of our tongue protrude beyond our teeth. I cannot recall, in my younger days hearing anyone having a lisp.

btw I corrected one of my granddaughters and now she does not lisp

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