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by cozy3pilot 28 Dec 2014, 12:09
Is there someone in akbuk who can check up on my villa for me? I had an email from a Turkish neighbour saying he saw lights on in my villa, I am in the uk and I switched off the electric in the outside meter box before I left in the summer.Please pm me if you can. your help appreciated.My villa is close to the Derby hotel.
by Ken2007 28 Dec 2014, 20:24
Hi if you go on altinkun Debate group on face book some one may be able to help. stella
by cozy3pilot 29 Dec 2014, 02:10
Soted now. My Turkish neighbour switched off the mains again. Could have been the meter reader left it on.Anyway the villa is secure.
by Juco 29 Dec 2014, 09:48
It is worth switching off the internal circuits before leaving vacant as anyone can draw power from an outside socket in your absence simply by turning the mains switch on.

by christella 29 Dec 2014, 10:19
yes i always do that as i go out the door

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by cozy3pilot 29 Dec 2014, 12:56
yes I always switch off the trip switch for the outside socket, but leave the light trip on with all lights turned off except the outside patio light which comes on with the outside main switch in case I arrive late at night and cant see the keyhole!! :D

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