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by Ed and Joy 28 Mar 2015, 13:08
Excuse me while I have a rant!
It's on the news about lay off's in the oil industry due to falling oil prices. Ok - I admit I am not watching the barrel price of crude. Amid all of this, petrol prices are creeping up again. The best price I have ever found in the current "price fall" was £1.02p and that was quite some weeks ago. The best I could do yesterday was £109.7p at Asda. Someone must be raking it in. We all know most of the price of petrol goes in taxes to the government. I wonder if it's them or someone else in the chain that is profiteering? I'm in Aberdeen for goodness sake! Wouldn't you think I should be doing better than most of the rest of the country for petrol? Certainly nothing else is cheaper here! What's it like in the rest of the country?
Rant over. :evil:
by Juco 28 Mar 2015, 14:07
Central belt 109.7 per litre.

by justubean 28 Mar 2015, 15:02
I live in Bath and work out of Bristol. 12 miles or so away. Petrol/Diesel can be as much as 4 or 5p cheaper if I buy it in Bristol.


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by annabelle 28 Mar 2015, 18:02
Living in a village with just one petrol station its always expensive there.
So I try to fill up when I go to my daughters 19 miles away at Sainsburys its always 5 or 6 p a liter cheaper a few days ago I paid 1 04
Or when I go to Formby for the Charity I go to Tesco and use my points . Every little helps..
Tesco always undercuts the cheapest petrol station in the area so it depends what competition there is in the town. :roll: Ann
by Tommo 28 Mar 2015, 18:48
Diesel is creeping up to 117.9 in Belfast but its never cheep when your in Turkey either I think ill get back on my bike :mrgreen:
by Shakespeares 28 Mar 2015, 20:28
I'm not sure its safe to say this...........but here in Germany Diesel was 1.16€/L today. At current exchange rates that's about 87p !!
by Juco 28 Mar 2015, 21:16
Better put your tin hat on :-)

by cambo 28 Mar 2015, 23:50
Just been to Costco and they now have a petrol station that is 6pence a litre cheaper than any other in Liverpool
But you must have a Costco card and pay with a card

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