For non Turkey related matters that do not fit elsewhere
by kemerkid 23 Jan 2016, 14:32
I only pop in here now and then, basicly to see how things are going over here. The new format for this site is a full two years old now since Mushtaq took over and I was wondering how the regular members were adapting to the change.


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by johnnetplus 23 Jan 2016, 15:46

Fine thanks.

Kind regards John
by Lyn 24 Jan 2016, 22:49
No problem. To be honest I can't remember what the original design was.

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by Bugsy 25 Jan 2016, 09:22
I have had a bit of a problem in the last couple of weeks.
When I go to login, of choose 'View new posts' or even 'reply' like this, I get a new page trying to open called Wonderlands!!!
In fact, I now have 3 of these pages behind this one which have been blocked by McAfee.
Now I am not absolutely sure that this is to do with this site, however, I don't have problems when I am in Facebook or Hotmail.
Is anyone else experiencing this???

Can anyone advise what I can do??. I am on Windows 8.1 & using Internet Explorer if that helps. (I don't want to upgrade to Windows 10 yet, as my partner has had a few problems with it).
Any advise would be gratefully appreciated - Thanks. Sandra.
by Allan and Joanne 25 Jan 2016, 10:17
Hi Bugsy,
Wonderlands is a virus that has infected your computer. You will need to remove it and then restart your PC. There is no need to upgrade windows and yes you are correct it has nothing to do with the AA site ;)

Allan & Joanne
by Bugsy 25 Jan 2016, 14:18
Thanks very much, will try the link. Was just that it only happens when I come on here. Thanks.

UPDATE, I blocked in my Internet Options/Privacy/Sites & then re-started & it has all gone - thanks very much for your help.
by christella 03 Feb 2016, 18:15
I think AA is very quiet to what it be used to be ia lot of the old crowd
Never come on here I put post on I love me jokes very rare does it get
A reply

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by Shakespeares 03 Feb 2016, 18:33
One reason, maybe, is that others have the same problem as I do. Every single time I use the forum I have to go through the login procedure all over again, despite the fact that every time I login I click on the "remember" box.

Just for interest, how many permanent ex-pats are there in Didim/Akkbuk these days? When we left last year it was way down.
by christella 03 Feb 2016, 19:49
If you down load chrome it will remember all your passwords
That works for me

bowling is like sex you dont have to be any good at it but you really enjoy it

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