A diary of Phill and Di's day to day life in Turkey following their semi-retirement.
by JJH 03 Jul 2013, 20:18
Thanks again for your update, it is lovely to see other parts of Turkey and as
others have said will have to put on our to do list, keep enjoying yourselves
make the most of it while you can.
by del 15 Sep 2013, 09:22
Hello Di, just wondering if you are still in Turkey enjoying your semi retirementas we haven't heard from you in a while,
How about one of your lovely updates ?
by puwer98 19 Sep 2013, 21:47
They Camne back on Tuesday, and came to visit us today

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.
by JJH 16 Oct 2013, 13:59
Just off topic but how are you liking being back in rainy England Glynn & Susan,
you must be missing your life in Turkey all your trips although the weather has
been kind to us this summer the best in years but we are now back to the normal
rain, rain and more rain, sick of seeing it this last week. :)
by puwer98 29 Jan 2014, 09:50
It has been a while since I last posted, but have settled down here now, we bought a new car a Suzuki Alto 6K all new furniture around 4K. It aint much more living in UK than Turkey, And more choice of foods, , Things I miss, Electric cuts, no water, dust, Television or lack of it, SUN

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.
by joyce 29 Jan 2014, 11:50
Hi Glyn...so nice to hear from you.glad you and Susan have settled back ....how are you keeping :)
joycie :)
by johnnetplus 29 Jan 2014, 13:11

Do you know what has happened with Phil & Di? They haven't posted for a while now.

Kind regards John
by puwer98 31 Jan 2014, 20:25
I spoke to them 1 hour ago, they are fine, but working hard, so they can spend 4 months in Didim

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.
by Duke 31 Jan 2014, 23:35
Glynn you old dog!! We have really missed you on the forum!! Please don't be a stranger we love your sour dour undertones & down to earth observations !! Will you still come back to Altinkum now & then??? Plus all your fabulous snaps & anecdotes are sorely missed too!! It's another plus for the AA Forum having you back in the ranks !! Long may it be so!!

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by puwer98 09 Feb 2014, 00:15
AS you all know I spent a lot of cash in Soke hospital last year, and we made the decision to come back to UK, we left Turkey in July last year, and do not have any plans to return at least not this year.

We lost a fair amount in cash due to the exchange rate it was 2.9 last July, and even worse had we waited till this year.

Well we did almost 6 years and loved it, but it was time to come back.

I see the elections are on very soon I can't see there being a big change in the government there, how much is beer now? here it is so cheap and lots of different brews to go at.

At least we can say we did it,

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.

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