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by christella 15 Feb 2012, 22:02
it is so hard now to book with them my daughter tried and gave up she went to love tour they want to know birth dates and if you are mr/mrs and the drop down box for the no of people going does not work and most of it is in turkish

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by sylwiaaktas 01 Mar 2012, 14:36
Dear Forum users,
Unfortunatly the roads were a big problem last year, not only for us but for all the transfer companies. Our biggest bus is a 45 seater bus and we tend to use the bigger buses for large groups going to altinkums big hotels. We try our hardest to put our home owner customers on our mini buses, but sometimes we have to place these customers on the larger buses.
As regards of dropping off we understand nobody wants to be the last to be dropped off. We organise our drop offs in the most efficient way possible. This summer we are aiming to do a maximum of 6 drop offs per bus.
As many of you know our drivers do a 10 minute stop off at a garage/cafe. This is because we have been working with this garage for the past 10 years. They provide us with the vast amount of petrol/diesel we require to run our business. The local petrol stations can not keep up with our demands, esp in the summer months. It also allows our customers and drivers to use the cafes facilities.
We would just like everyone to know we started off the 1st transfer company within altinkum and throughout the years many other companies have began to take shape and advertise at cheaper and lower qualities of service. We throughout the years have achieved competative prices and a high quality of service.
We thrive to maintain good customer care and a professional service.
Kind Regards

Sylwia Aktas
by terrie 16 Mar 2012, 17:32
To Sylwia Aktas ,

I have just recieved an email from your company (from Kelly milnes) and you have added a whole list of other peoples private email addresses on there, i suggest you remove them!

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