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by Duke 13 Sep 2013, 21:14
WRONG Ali & Metin are just very good friends !!!'may I say Ali picked me up at Bodrum last night waited over an hour for me as visa queue was a nightmare !!! He's they best private transfer in town!! Can't sing his his praises to highly

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by colinA1 14 Sep 2013, 08:26

When Ali came to our villa to sort out a transfer he brought Metin with him and introduced him as his 'brother', maybe something was lost in translation, he even said he was part of the family who owned the original Goldstar, maybe he just wanted to impress me.


Colin and Linda
by christella 15 Sep 2013, 12:23
CTS is only a fiver

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by widdowsonanne 17 Sep 2013, 16:30
Yes they are only five pounds but my plane landed at 10.30pm I arrived home at 3.30 am so will be paying a bit more next time and traveling with love tours

a widdowson
by lottie 17 Sep 2013, 19:40
£7.50 with Love Tours always on time,trusted drivers,comfortable buses,email them and then pay the driver when you arrive at your apartment.
We paid for a shuttle but no one else on the bus still only £7.50..on the way back had three pick ups all near each other so not driving around altinkum/yesilkent/akbuk/mavisehir has happened to us with another company!!!
by mary 17 Sep 2013, 21:00
Was that a Saturday night as I arrive at 10.10 and don't want to wait around for hours

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