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by danandgwen 24 Feb 2014, 10:47
Gwen and I are going to drive to our place Turkey next Feb/March. I know a few members have done the trip and I would like a little advice about ferry prices and when they run please., try as I might I just cant seem to get the info I want.

Mavisehir (one day)
by Pete Jones 24 Feb 2014, 11:11
Hi Danny,I just did a long reply to your enquiry + when I hit submit it just dissappeared ??? So here we go again.
I have driven to and from Turkey quite a few times now using different ferry routes + I did daily logs of the trips with costs/distances etc on here so try "Drive to UK" in the search facility.
The costs of the ferries depends on what route and when (i.e.high season/low season) I used the Ancona (Italy) to Ceseme (Izmir) but it was stopped a few years ago but someone said that there is a Brindisi (Italy) to Ceseme route still going so I'm going to check that out coz its a nice couple of days cruise without the hassle of driving.
Ingoumenitsa (western Greece) to Venice is a nice route as well and the ferry docks right in the middle of Venice with great views.
I've used the and its pretty good but there are other sites about which may be on my daily logs
by danandgwen 24 Feb 2014, 11:16
Thanks a lot for the rely Pete. I will have a good read of your log.

Mavisehir (one day)
by Lyn 24 Feb 2014, 12:51
Some info here as well of our two journeys out from the UK and back ...


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by margaritaville 24 Feb 2014, 13:59
Quite an adventure Danny!Would love to do it some year when I have enough time.Pete and Lyn can you tell us a bit about how the tolls are paid in different countries please?Are there totally different systems in France and Italy?Are the Italian ports easy enough to navigate?Any other important things worth mentioning?
by Shakespeares 24 Feb 2014, 18:32
We do it every year but have refined our route a bit as we normally have to get to Poland asap. Two thirds of the trip at the Turkish end would be similar though.

We use the toll-free motorways through France/Belgium/Holland/Germany then through Austria where you must by a vignette at the petrol stations near the border and stick it on the windscreen. I paid 8€ last time (I think!) At the Hungarian border you must pay 15€, keep the reciept, to use the motorways which are very good. If you don't use the motorways you don't have to pay. After Hungary you must make a decision, British insurance companies don't insure for Serbia so if you go via there (the quickest and easiest option) you must buy insurance at the border. We last had a UK reg car in 2009 and it cost us 130€ for two days! Alternatively you can go via Romania and Bulgaria. We like Romania, you must buy a vignette at the border also (8€) and pay a toll at either of the two bridges over the Danube (Vidin or Ruse 6€) For Bulgaria you must also buy a vignette at the border (10€) to stick on the windscreen, we don't particularly like Bulgaria but we have never had any trouble there sleeping overnight in hotels or in the camper, it is quite safe. Throughout this area we have stayed in hotels for 20€-70€ per night. We reccommend using the Kipoi/Ipsala border crossing from Greece, less traffic. Crossing the Dardanelles at Eceabat/Canakkale costs 23TL, tickets at the port entrance, ferries every half hour.

Hope this is food for thought, enjoy the trip!
by Shakespeares 24 Feb 2014, 18:34
I forgot! Most important!

Take your money in Euros, a lot of places you need do not accept pounds.
by willip 24 Feb 2014, 18:49
we drove through bulgaria on route to Turkey last year, got ferry to Dunkirk then went Belgium,Germany, Austria then on to Romania before Bulgaria, into Turkey then got the ferry across into Canakkale(1 hour and cost 48 lira) then drove down to Akbuk, we were lucky because we have a motorhome so just parked up at the petrol stations for the night, but friends of ours done the same route but just booked a couple of nights bb's on took us 6 days but we stopped off at the diferent countries and done some sight seeing.cost about £600 in petrol. we staying for 3 months in Turkey and at least we had our own transport to travel around in


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