Car Hire, Transfers and Rail Travel
by p9cbs 02 May 2014, 21:47
Hi all,
I just wondered if the taxi situation in Altinkum is still a bit hit and miss so far as prices go? We usually hire a car but find we hardly use it in the summer. It adds up to quite an expensive luxury so I am wondering if we might forget the hire car this summer and use the dolmus in the daytime and taxis at night (for safety). What are your recent taxi experiences? My place is halfway between Maveshir and Altinkum so it is a bit of a trek either way.
by Juco 02 May 2014, 22:25
I cant help on the cost of taxis but when a member posts the price just multiply it by the amount of times you are likely to use it V a car hire.
If using the dolmus I suspect you will be cheaper but with taxis probably cheaper to hire a car.

by brown1smithfield 03 May 2014, 12:31
We have just returned fro Altinkum and the taxi prices are the same as last yr. TL15 anywhere in Altinkum which I think is very reasonable give the exchange rate. The Dolmus was TL2 but I think this does go up in high season to either 2.5 or 3 TL. All the taxi's will give you a fridge magnet or card to call them which we do regularly.

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