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by tommie 04 Jul 2014, 14:40
Recently there have been a couple of misleading posts on FB suggesting that there re only 3 or 4 licensed operators in Didim

I have spent the last few days trying to sort out these allegations, the findings of which can be found here... Transfer Companies

This list should only be used as a guideline as some operators may be missing and some I am waiting for their license detail, even though I have emailed them a few times. They may, of course, be busy at this time of the year.

If you know any companies that you have used and are missing from this list then please let me know.


Welcome to Didim -
by Duke 04 Jul 2014, 22:47
Hi Tommy sorry I've not been in touch lots going on.... By the way is Ali Sapmaz on your list??? I've use him for years & so have many forum members he's reliable, reasonable (maybe not the cheapest) you get hat you pay for in life I think
!!! He has many strings to his bow & can help folk with not only transfer but with most problems they might encounter on arrival or during their stay!!! If he's not on list I post his contact details later... I'm back home in the UK now & very busy with gardening lol ..

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by PJRichards 05 Jul 2014, 05:57
We also use Ali and like Chris says, you get what you pay for. I would recommend him for everything......
by colinA1 05 Jul 2014, 09:33
We too use Ali when we need a transfer, would not consider anyone else.

Colin and Linda
by rosal 06 Jul 2014, 20:28
InceKar every time for us.
Clean, well maintained car. Smartly dressed (uniformed) and careful drivers.
Proper private transfers - not sitting in a couch with other people and going round the houses picking other people up. This happened to friends of ours recently (thought they had a private transfer) and it took them over 2 hours to get to Bodrum airport. Incekar turn up on time - we have had some horrid experiences with some of the well known companies , which led us to trying out Incekar a number of years ago.
Another plus are the cold drinks provided and a small welcome pack on the inward leg.
by Rosemary Titcombe 07 Jul 2014, 08:52
We use Zaza and they do not appear, does that mean they are not licensed?
by tommie 07 Jul 2014, 09:13
Rosemary Titcombe wrote:We use Zaza and they do not appear, does that mean they are not licensed?

Maybe as I can't find them on the Tursab site. They may be registered under a different name.
Suspect it may be Asem or Tsol as they seem to share the same offices.

I have asked them for their TURSAB no and A1/D2 information.


Welcome to Didim -
by tony bill 07 Jul 2014, 19:43
We always use Ionia now and have done for last 4 years, never had a problem with them with Private transfer or shuttle even in winter when we fly into Izmir

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