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by anniem 11 Jul 2014, 18:19
hi do the buses to bodrum from altinkum run everyday in october need to get to bodrum bus station 17th oct then back from bodrum 19th oct do you know times they run and how much it costs please thanks

a mellon
by Sharon Knight 12 Jul 2014, 10:18
Didm Seyhat run to Bodrum but finish during October, but that depends on how busy the service is. We booked to go to Bodrum in mid October last year but the buses had stopped so we had to go t Soke and then get the Parmukale from Soke to Bodrum., but this year there is another co-operative company doing the trip several time a day, but whether they will run all year is another thing. You probably wont know what running until a few days before you travel.


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