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by michaelandanita 20 Apr 2016, 19:55
Can anyone confirm if Mariya tours are operating this year please. They relocated last year next to Linekers Bar. I have tried emailing them but it is just returning it back
by michaelandanita 20 Apr 2016, 20:16
I have emailed from that website and also to their address from last year. I wondered if any one is going past on that side of resort can confirm it is open
by Lyn 24 Apr 2016, 09:10
I don't know if they've moved but where their office used to be in Tuntas is now up for rent (at least that is where I think they used to be - the one with the huge plastic Swordfish by the side).

With age comes skills, it's called multi-tasking. I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.
by ted j 24 Apr 2016, 14:12
Their office is on the same side as Linekers now and about 50 feet further towards main beach
It was open this afternoon with somebody in there

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