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by Shakespeares 28 Feb 2018, 10:18
Here's a question for those with an enquiring mind.
While we lived in Turkey we owned a J9 Dolmuş that we had converted into a camper van and we travelled to UK and back in it every year. The vehicle was recorded in my passport and the customs system at the border each time. There was no trouble with insurance or TÜV ever.
In 2015 while out of Turkey I got sick and the insurance ran out so it couldn't be driven, the van expired as I couldn't easily get spares so it was scrapped, and we decided not to return. I informed the Aydin Police that the vehicle had been scrapped but I have no evidence that they actually de-registered it.
Now we would like to holiday in Turkey again but have no idea what my welcome would be like, if the vehicle has not been de-registered I could be liable to the taxes from 2015 onwards and some form of punishment for "exporting" the vehicle without permission. Not a happy proposition.
Has anyone an opinion on this, anything welcome but the more informed the better.
by Bugsy 02 Mar 2018, 08:07
If you still have a bank account in Turkey with on-line banking, you should be able to check via the plate number whether there is any taxes due. (I checked ours after we sold it this way, just to be sure).
Don't know about the scrapping, did you return the plates?
Maybe if you know someone still in Turkey, they could try & find out if there are any problems before you go. Or, Sami Isik maybe able to help.

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