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by Marian2 07 Jul 2009, 09:03
Supporting the Blues means that you often engage in ridiculously illogical practices and thoughts. With many thanks to the Toffeweb website, here are a few illogicalities of being an Evertonian. (By the way, we're guilty of most of these ourselves......but we're not saying which ones. Suffice to say I refuse to wear or even own anything that is red !!)

1) Supporting a team playing in a league we can't win.

2) Going up against teams who have spent hundreds of millions more than us, losing, and blaming one individual playing for us (ie: "It was all Hibbo's fault")

3) Questioning a player's loyalty for contemplating a move that will double his wages (especially if he was never an Evertonian to begin with).

4) Wearing a scarf... in 28 degrees C.

5) Spending £3 for a pint at half time and then chucking it over someone.

6) Arguing that Everton FC moving to a town from a city is a good thing.

7) Singing that.. "Tim Cahill, Tim Cahill, Tim Cahill..." song

8) Supporting a Chairman who has proved himself a top spoofer.

9) Forgiving anyone anything because they're "a good Evertonian".

10) Instantly hating any celeb who 'supports' the lovable reds.

11) Believing that, if Man City spend Chelsea-style money on a load on good players, they'll still finish mid-table because they're... Man City.

12) Singing horrible songs about opposition players' wives/children/families etc.

13) Going to chippies OTHER than the Goodison Supper Bar before the game.

14) Spending three nicker on a programme.

15) Jeopardising your Job by messing around on Everton websites all day.

16) Repeating Everton rumours.

17) Never ever ever wearing anything red.

18) Buying a bib for your newborn baby that says 'I'm Everton's youngest fan", yet when talking about Muslims/people with strong religious beliefs saying 'Well they're all brainwashed aren't they!"

19) Believing in 'The People's Club' thing, when actually there are about five shareholders who decide everything.

20) Singing that you don't care if a grey-haired man has red hair.

If you tick all 20, you are a serious dyed-in-the-wool Blue.

Bill and Marian

"Once a blue always a blue"
by Marian2 10 Jul 2009, 08:23
I see Rafa's started whingeing already. Apparently they missed out on Gareth Barry because they couldn't compete with Man City's billions. Aaaaaaahh........my heart bleeds.

Perhaps we should change the rules to suit the loveable Reds, and make sure they can win something ???

"Once a blue always a blue"
by bigkev 10 Jul 2009, 10:07
well it could be worse. try supporting newcastle. what a bloody shambles, no money, no manager and no ambition but we,ve still got barton though, says it all i suppose. :cry:


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