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by margaritaville 22 Jan 2014, 06:43
Being impartial I have to say it does look like its going to be quite some time before It's are challenging for the top honours again.The squad as is isn't good enough any more and even if they spend big and get more players in it'll take more time for them to bed in.That's IF they can attract top players who will see a club in decline and won't be as keen to go there.Especially if they also miss out on Champs League qualification.Which now seems a distinct possibility.
by Degsy 23 Jan 2014, 06:11
Comedy Gold at the Theatre of Scaffolding last night as United crash out of the last domestic trophy before the end of January Ha Ha Ha. Thanks Slur Alex for the chosen one, wee Davey Moyes the gift that just keeps on giving. Told you the clock was ticking on the Rags tick tock tick tock, Soon we will be reading that Juan Mata is a product of the famous Rags youth policy, and that crashing out of all domestic trophys is a cunning plan to concentrate on the European Championship. :D :D :D :D
by Degsy 23 Jan 2014, 06:32
Just seen on the BBC that Mata was arrested by Greater Manchester Police last night after performing an illegal U turn on the M6 ;)
by Britomaris 23 Jan 2014, 09:44
Juan Mata has officially handed in a transfer request...

...at Manchester United.

If you want to be the best, learn from the best.
by Degsy 25 Jan 2014, 08:51
Dave Wendy Alex wrote:
steve.steph wrote:history channel :D :D :D :D :D

just like you pr**ks for the last 35 years.

Blue moon rising


Ah the usual repost from yourselves with that aggressive tone and the foul language hidden with the asterix's, look back through this post and tell me I am wrong. It's over for the RAG's so wake up and smell the coffee, and please try and bring at least some originality to your quips as you tried Blue Moon rising and massive earlier on in this thread and you ended up being spanked for it Verbally of course :D Are you also trying to pretend that the Rag's have enjoyed success for the last 35 years as well, think you might have forgot City relegating you to Division 2 with that Denis Law Back Heel at the swamp ehh!! Oh I get it now it was your usual scrabbling around in the dark to try and have a go, the last 35 years quote is meant to relate to the amount of time it has been since City won anything, oh dear another fail from yourselves as we have won a FA cup and a Premiership in the last 3 years so referencing 35 years has meant nothing since 2011. Oh what joy to be a Blue watching the Rag's thrashing around before the end of January out of all domestic competitions and 14 points of the top of the premiership what a pathetic defence of a title. Anyway onward and upward a bit of breakfast for me the a pie and a pint in Manchester before watching City play Watford at the Council house and having it massive!! Ha Ha see what I did there. Who do United play ooooops I forgot knocked out in the 3rd round. I would give up in this thread if I was you, being a Blue for nearly 50 years now means I have heard anything you may try and throw at me a hundred times before it's all grist to the mill, water off a ducks back, etc etc The Blue Moon has risen and it's tick tock tick tock for the Swamp Donkeys :D :D :D
by giglets 25 Jan 2014, 09:50
As an outsider, looking in to the EPL, my money would be on City to take the title this season, but it is far too early to write off United particularly with the signing of Mata who is a quality player. With RVP and Rooney now fit to play, it should boost Moyles chances considerably.

United always finish very strongly and will probably do the same this time round.
by garymbrock 25 Jan 2014, 10:08
Too early to write off United? Give me a break they'll have their work cut out to finish fifth and a trip to the Europa League, Champions League ... Well as Mourinio says "United need multiple teams to trip up not just one to blow up,"so sorry Fergie No Chance of fourth and winning it,as the Cockney Reds would call it

Your having a giraffe mate!

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