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by Super Fulham 21 Dec 2013, 12:03
Had a weird dream last night that my mate had turned into a scouser and was wearing an Everton kit singing Everton songs whilst for some reason dancing like Bez from the Happy Mondays. On the strengh of the dream I've put £20 on them to win at Swansea tomorrow. I've done it at Paddy Power and it returns £48 if they win. You might get better odds elsewhere put Paddy power is my nearest bookies. Anyhow if you believe in weird things like that , have a little flutter yourself, but don't shoot the messenger if it goes tits up. I've also got a feeling it will be 2-0 , but haven't done that as I'm not sure if that was in the dream or not . For one day only tomorrow " come on you Blues".

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