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by water 31 May 2015, 10:28
what is it with geordies and sir bobby.He never played for Newcastle,he started at Fulham because Newcastle made no effort to sign me(his words)He was turned down when applying for the managers job.It wasnt until he made his name with the super town and the Cobbold family that geordies became interested.Even then F Sheppard only signed him as a stop gap1999=2004 COME ON YOU TRACTER BOYS
by Super Fulham 05 Jun 2015, 22:29
Most Man U and Liverpool fans are looked down at by proper fans like Rochdale , Swindon , Carlisle etc . Proper fans who actually go and support their local club . Glory hunting fans who live hundreds of miles away from the club they pretend to support and have probably never seen live are rightly counted as a joke . It does annoy me seeing young kids in London in Man Utd tops , or Chelscum tops ooop North . The funny thing is that "supporters of Man Utd etc " who've never been can't understand why a Grimsby fan would bother to turn up each week to see less than glamorous football. Real supporters I salute you .
by elizaflint 06 Jun 2015, 12:50
I suppose Geordies love Sir Bobby so much is because he was such a great bloke and manager and in the end we were so proud of him. Agree that it was a pity he was not recognised from the start though, a prophet in his own country ?

by Dave Wendy Alex 11 Jun 2017, 18:13
HA HA thought you had got ridden of us old beans but were back with avengance
#in jose we trust
feel the love :P

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