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by Diamonddog59 28 Jan 2010, 09:16
This is an ad my wife has sent to Voices, it is obvious to anyone who knows me that I love my dogs and would not part with them other than present circumstances being dire, sadly we have a further 3 and 2 cats to find loving homes and more sadly I do not know where I will end up after I sell my home so if I do not find homes, I will have to put animals I love down so please, please, please help!!!
We have to leave Turkey due to personal circumstances and need to find homes for the following dogs:

Feather is an Anatolian Sheepdog with beautiful brown eyes, soft fur and a slight limp which does not stop her from walking/running well. She loves to sit on top of a hill to watch the sheep. She would love a home where she could be an only or a companion dog because she is exceptionally affectionate and playful.

Malka is 2-3 years old, a former shelter dog whom we took in after her jaw was broken twice. It has healed up well and she is very loving, protective of her home, playful and her name is Hebrew for Queen which is very apt.


Milk is 18 months old, a beautiful and soft to cuddle Akbash-Mix, very friendly, protective of his home and he can give a Rangers and Celtic paw.


All the dogs have been spayed/neutered, walk well on leads, are house trained, are exceptionally healthy and have up-to-date inoculations. Please contact us if you can give one or all of them a permanent loving home.

Thank you for your help!
M-L and Alec Downie
Call 0534 312 3843 or email

PS for those on Facebook there are more images here and on my profile ... 561&ref=mf

by annabelle 28 Jan 2010, 16:37
Beautiful Dogs A shame your Circumstances cause the need to rehome them .
It must be Devastating for you Sorry I cant help You and Hope Someone in Turkey can . :( Ann
by Diamonddog59 20 Mar 2010, 16:14
The dogs got blood tested today and may end up in Germany though I am still hoping not to have to put them through that trauma and a kind home can be found here.

Looking for 3-5 flight crates for dogs if anyone has any lying about?

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