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by sarahloo 09 Apr 2010, 15:09
hi all

on the 16th may i will be doing the "race for life" for cancer research, i have already raised over £200 & i thought i would put my online sponsorship page on here so that if anyone would like to sponsor me they could :D,

many thanks

sarah :D
by PaulandKim 10 Apr 2010, 06:36
I used to do this in the UK every year and it was great fun and its become huge now. Wonder if anyone would be interested in setting up something here for us ladies? I will ask our tuesday walking group. :idea:
Good Luck to you on your run!!!

Kim x
by PJRichards 10 Apr 2010, 07:24
Just donated Sarah, please let me know that you get it safely. Good Luck.
My daughter and her friends from Boots did this the other year and they raised £2000 so I hope you can do it too.
by sarahloo 10 Apr 2010, 08:29
hi pauline

thank you very much, ive had an email through to say that you have sponsored me :D

by PJRichards 10 Apr 2010, 14:29
Thats great Sarah, Just heard that the weather tomorrow is going to be as nice as it is today so you should have a great race.
Come on all you members and get sponsering. It is for cancer research you know. Every little helps even £2.

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