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by PJRichards 16 May 2010, 07:06
Todays the day
The race is on
If your looking for Sarah
She's already gone.

Good Luck Sarah and all the other girls doing this very good cause race.

Have you donated???? Its never too late.

by sarahloo 16 May 2010, 15:46
well ive done it :D :D :D i did 5 k in 43 mins & 52 secs running & walking UPHILL & got the medal to prove it lol. it really has been a lovely day & also a very emotional day seeing everyone there with there stories pinned on there backs.

my best friend mandy lost her dad to cancer in march this year & that was who i was running for, i have raised just over £600 for cancer research & i would like to thank those who have supported me over the last few weeks. :D :D :D

my sponsor page wont expire until the 4th july so you can still sponsor me :D :D every little helps,

sarah x
by sarahloo 13 Jun 2010, 13:50
well i have now got all of my sponsor money in & have just paid it into the "race for life" funds, i have raised a total of £620 for cancer research. thank you to those who have sponsored me & if you would still like to sponsor me my online sponsor page will be open until the 4th july,

many thanks

sarah :D

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