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by PJRichards 23 Feb 2011, 07:52
Damn, I dont have a Paypal button on this Notebook.
Dont have anything, quote, X in the corner, avatar's
and cannot correct anything. I will have to do it when I get up on the main PC.
by bolton 23 Feb 2011, 21:38
I have just gone onto Paypal to send a donation but I got a message saying 'This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

Does anyone know what has gone wrong?

Sheila and Billy
by leylaasena 23 Feb 2011, 22:38
Hi Hun.
I saw this poor girl's pic on facebook and meant to ask Ian yesterday what had happened.
I'm so glad she's going to get a chance at a normal life.
Well done you for doing your bit, as always.

I'll give you some cash when I next see you.


by GaryMargaret 24 Feb 2011, 09:28
Hi all

Have just sent you a donation. how can anyone do this to an animal we are lost for words.

We're back in Akbuk in May and would love to come and see her. Lets keep this at the top.

Gary and Margaret
by Keith 24 Feb 2011, 14:07
Sorry to say Gary and Margaret but you sent the donation to us at AA and not to Val. I will not refund it to you though because as I have just discovered with the money I refunded to the last member who did this, we get charged an admin fee from PayPal. Instead I shall forward it to Val, but since Paypal charges us a fee on all transactions, I can only forward her the nett amount.

Please please please people, ensure you send these donations to and NOT to this forum otherwise you are incurring a needless charge to PayPal.

by franny 24 Feb 2011, 17:08

we are out at the end of april, i have taken a note about didim petcare and ali durmus, so i will leave a donation with them as i haven't a clue how to use paypal, and i might have keith on my back if it goes to the wrong person, hee hee.
by Sirinyergirl 24 Feb 2011, 18:46
Valian wrote:Many thanks to all those who have donated. I have replied to you individually. :D :D

I took her for a walk around the paddock this morning. She stays quite close and is still a bit weak on her legs. I think I could feed her 10 times a day and she would eat the lot! I'm trying to ensure she does not overload her system though, so will try to find her a juicy bone from somewhere to keep her occupied between meals!

Val, I hope to see you in the next week when I'm over .... have a donation from myself and TESS for the little lass .... just want to give her a big, warm hug and let her know that not all members of the two-legged species are so uncaring .... poor little love :(


It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it
by acumfagovan 24 Feb 2011, 19:46
Hi have sent donation hope it helps her only in didim 2/3 times a year if we can help when we are over we will

regards gary (acumfagovan)

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