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by Barbarab 24 Feb 2011, 21:09
Hi Val donation sent hope she soon improves with your love and care x

Barbara :)

Bought in 2003, have no regrets. Enjoy relaxing in our home in the sun.
by bolton 24 Feb 2011, 23:33
Hi Val,

Those pictures of that poor wee dog is so distressing but with your love and kindness I'm sure she will improve. Can't wait to see what she is like in a couple of months time.
I have just managed to send you a donation and hopefully get out to see your shelter sometime soon.

Sheila and Billy
by Natalie 25 Feb 2011, 05:43
Is there hope that in the future stories like this will become a thing of the past? ... -laws.html

Lawyer Hülya Yalçın, who heads the commission, told Today’s Zaman that if the bill is passed, it would make significant changes to the lives of many animals. She said where morality fails, harsh legal remedies are necessary. “We don’t think anyone will defend an animal rapist, or someone who leaves their dog tied to a pole without food or water, or who tortures a pregnant animal.
by Valian 25 Feb 2011, 06:38
Huge thanks to all who have donated to her care, I have replied individually.

Thankfully, she seems to be getting stronger each day and I managed to find her a good, big bone yesterday to keep her occupied. I have not wormed her yet, as I think she needs to build herself up at little first.

Natalie, harsh legal remedies would be fantastic, if it would become law.

Val Image
by louie 26 Feb 2011, 15:33
We have just got a new rescue dog, he is a 1 year old bassett/labrador cross,he is a lovely but the first kennels were going to be put him down until another rehoming centre who have a non putting down policy took him in. All we know of his history is he was chipped to an address in France, was not reported lost, no trace of owner at address. My point is, he was chipped, must have had a passport to enter UK and all the tests and expense that that entails, why go to all that bother and then dump or lose and not try to find him. He at least has had another chance, most of the street dogs are not so lucky and would be a lot worse off without the help of Val and her volunteers, so our donation on its way. Keep up the good work.

by kevang 26 Feb 2011, 16:16
Kath would love to see what a bassett/lab cross look like?? :D

But as you say to go to all that expense and then just dump it is bizzare and very strange. We have a 6 year old american bull dog, who has been bred and bred until what ever reason they decided they didnt want her and decided to sell her for £60 but until she was sold was kept with a large Alsatian in a used car storage compound which as a result when we walk her if she comes across a similar dog she head for the hills with fear all over, she was over weight and terrified of sudden movements and still is a big scardy cat for so many things, recently a scar she had on her tail since we got her some how burst open and i had to take her to the vet as the blood loss was quite significant, our vet thinks she was either shot with an air gun or similar or a stiletto heel. All healed now though
by bez 27 Feb 2011, 03:50
when i got our fifi from animals in need in melling, the amount of people that asked me did i want to breed her,( shes a bison frise) when i said no the horror in their voices all i got was "do you no how much you can get for a puppy "?I said i wasnt interested in the cash shes only 6 months old some people see bitches as cash cows dont they? shes spayed now and shes still my baby lol luv bez
by kevang 27 Feb 2011, 04:40
Bez ours is being spayed next month as the poor love is has suffered to seasons of phantom pregnancies since we had her and it is awful to watch her looking for something that is not there, plus she is a narky mare lol, people have said the same to us but ours is old and couldn't cope with another litter.

There is enough unloved dogs in the world without adding to it, i watched the "It's me or the dog" USA version and someone wanted to breed there dog and she showed them how many unwanted dogs (cant remember exact figure) were put to sleep without real reason which convinced the owner not to breed. Need some lessons over here me thinks

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