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by Valian 27 Feb 2011, 18:53
Gorgeous! :D

Also, great to read that people are choosing to have their pets spayed instead of allowing them to add to the vast amount of unwanted dogs - so many sadly being put to sleep as there are simply too many of them for the homes/shelters to look after.... :(

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by kevang 27 Feb 2011, 18:58
Totally agree with you there is enough unwanted dogs without people adding to them and not only that the expense of it all can add up.

I just hope Liverpool dont bring in the muzzle must be worn for certain breeds of dogs, mine wont wear one, have tried at the vets when a new vet was uncomfortable treating her without it and it distressed her more, the old gal is too old to learn to like it
by Valian 04 Mar 2011, 15:39
She is continuing to do well thanks. :D I feed her 5 small meals a day so that her gut is not overloaded and all her systems seem to be working well.
She is very affectionate and loves human company. She is also an intelligent dog and has proved quick to learn.
We weighed her yesterday - 16kg. When I looked up the normal weight for a Dobermann it is between 30-40kg, so she has a long way to go yet. We've had her a week now and she is settling in nicely.

You'll be able to see her soon Judi :D If anyone else would like to visit, just give me a call (number on profile). :D

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by judimoss 04 Mar 2011, 16:56
Thanks for the update Val:) As you say a long way to go weight wise. Its good to hear all systems are go LOL, I feel sure I will be put to good use pooh picking !! :roll:

Take care
by bolton 04 Mar 2011, 23:45
Hi Val,

We are so pleased that Moss is making real progress and hope that eventually she will find the lovely home she so deservedly needs.

Sheila and Billy

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