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by sarahloo 04 Mar 2011, 19:12
well its that time of the year again, i have just registered to do the "race for life" for cancer research.

last year i ran for my best friends dad who sadly passed away a year as today, this year i am running for my uncle who is fighting cancer now.

last year i raised over £600 so this year i want to beat that & with your help again i will :)

i will be running 5k on the 15 may at stamford in lincolnshire

please please sponsor me & help us beat CANCER!!!!!!!

thank you :)
by PJRichards 05 Mar 2011, 08:05
Let me know if you get my donation Sarah as I entered by Paypal (again) and entered a new card as the other expired. I filled in all the details then went to enter and a VISA sign popped up and asked for ATM PIN??????? Whats that all about????? Did the same for the dogs shelter.

I am not entering my PIN for anyone
by colinA1 05 Mar 2011, 09:09

Absolutely right, NEVER disclose your pin under any circumstances.


Colin and Linda
by kevang 05 Mar 2011, 09:12
pauline that sounds like a scam of paypal and if you had gave them your pin they would have made a clone of your card, report it to paypal
by sarahloo 05 Mar 2011, 09:27
hi pauline

thank you i knew i could count on you :D ..... i have looked at my online page & unfortunatley your sponsor hasn't got there yet. i'll check a bit later or if you visit my page again you can check. :D

my mans going to put his hand in his wallet now lol so we will see if it comes up on ours.

by Valian 05 Mar 2011, 16:25
Hi Sarah

A really worthy cause - you'd be hard pushed to find a person who does not know of a sufferer. Let's hope they find a cure real soon.

Power to your running shoes!!!

Pauline, I used the above link and had no bother at all. Are you using shortcut on your desktop to access PayPal? You are right to NEVER give your ATM pin to anyone - it certainly does sound like you have accessed a scam PayPal replica somehow. Always look at the address, it should be:

Val Image
by sarahloo 06 Mar 2011, 10:18
thank you val, i will certainly power up my friend mandy will be doing the run with me this year so it will be very emotional for her as she lost her dad last year.

pauline ive looked again on my page this morning & your sponsor hasn't gone through.

here is my online page

please please sponsor me

thank you :D
by PJRichards 07 Mar 2011, 08:11
I have just tried again Sarah but without using Paypal. I have used a debit card and it still asked for ATM pin???? I put in 1000 and it went through. Let me know if you get it ok.
by PJRichards 07 Mar 2011, 08:31
Just gone in and tried again. I didnt use Paypal this time I used a debit card and it still asked for ATM number.
I put in 1000 and it went through. Let me know if you get it ok.
by sarahloo 07 Mar 2011, 17:40
hi pauline

no it hasn't gone on my page (link) & you can see for yourself, there's only andrew's & vals sponsors showing. it cant like your card pauline lol but thank you anyway.

if anyone else would like to sponsor me then here is my online sponsor page

sarah :D

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