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by Valian 20 Apr 2011, 05:23

For those of you who do not know, Gill Erer of Didim Friends of Animals charity is relocating to Bulgaria. Unfortunately, without Gill, the charity will almost certainly fold due to lack of membership. So cash made at the sale will be used to support the shelter, with all monies being held by me. There is still no sign of a vet being paid by the council and as you can imagine, the cost of spaying bitches brought in and euthanasia for sick dogs/puppies is eating up my funds as fast as I can raise them.

All donated goods will be gratefully received. Books, CD's etc go especially well.

Hope to see you there. :D

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by Keith 20 Apr 2011, 08:27
Hi Val

Sorry to hear about Gill leaving and the state of the funds. Unfortunately we haven't been able to donate recently as we are in a similar position with forum funds. Donations have really dwindled this year and we are having to meet excess costs from our own pockets.

This global recession seems to be affecting everyone and everything!!! :(

Good luck with the sale.

by Valian 29 Apr 2011, 16:03
We usually make around 1,000tl, but the weather was not too good (it rained on and off) so we did not get the passing trade we usually get. So we were pleased when we added up the takings - 700tl. Unfortunately, the Belediye have not been paying for a vet for the last 6 months and so the charity plus myself, from the donations I receive, have been paying for as many things as we can. My bill with the vet was 900tl, so the 700 did go towards paying off a large proportion of that. :D

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