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by Valian 08 Jun 2011, 10:02

Would you please bring along any items you have for sale - books, CDs and bric-a-brac sell especially well :D

Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to help sell the goods, please contact me.

Many thanks

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by Barbarab 08 Jun 2011, 22:16
Val I will not be able to make it on the day but can give you some books to sell if that is ok , I'm sure I will have a couple of carrier bags full to hand over.

Hope to see you next week ;)

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by TraceyandBaz 10 Jun 2011, 09:52
Well, I'm bringing some Virgin Vie make up, it was bought as a gift for me and I've never used it.
2 x packs of M and S Xmas cards, Brand new M and S men's slippers size 9, (bought for BIL, but didn't realise he is a size 10), Johnsons baby talc, some hair bobbles, after eight mints, cadbury's roses, plus some other stuff, that I can't remember what I've packed. Also I will be sorting out stuff in the apartment to donate.

by TraceyandBaz 10 Jun 2011, 13:25
Pauline, don't panic, I've already got you some stuff in the hand luggage to take to the meet up. See you in the airport, the 1st drinks on you lol ;).

Got you some Bovril, Oxo, Cadbury's chocolate, Avon silver chain, Me To You book mark and some make up sets.

by Ronsgame 10 Jun 2011, 14:20
If anyone is coming out AFTER the Sale them why not leave some goods with a friend who lives here permanently for the next Jumble Sale. That's what some people did with us. At least this way if you are not here then you will still be helping the dogs at the Shelter. Will TRY to see if I have anything left Val.


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