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by PJRichards 24 Jun 2011, 12:18
Well, went down to the table top sale and it was packed there. I took 3 bags of stuff (came back with one and 25tl light)
It looked a roaring succes with lots of people there. I helped Val out for a couple of hours, thats why I spent. There was lots of lovley bargains to be had. I gave Val the 180tl we collected at the Big Ben do and she was pleased with that.
Saw lots of expats that I know, TraceyBaz, Martin. Bev, Duke and Karen, Gill, of course. Many more that I cannot remember the names, sorry. Did see someone taking photo's so maybe they will be in Voices next week.

Hope they made lots for the nuture release.
by leylaasena 24 Jun 2011, 14:24
Yep, it was a great day.
My feet are killing and I'm cooked after 4 hours in the sun but it was great fun and lovely to catch up with old friends and to put faces to some names on here.

I wont steal Val's thunder by telling you what was raised but must thank Gill for offering all the left-over kids clothes to the collection at The Box for the Syrian refugees.

I'll be dropping them in asap.

by Valian 25 Jun 2011, 09:36
The Bring & Buy/Jumble sale was a great success - but boy, was it hot!!!! :shock:

Huge thanks to all the volunteers (including those like Pauline who were press-ganged into helping :lol: ) who helped man the stalls and of course, huge thanks to those who came along and supported us! Lovely to see so many old friends from AA plus meet new people.

We had some fab items donated for sale (especially by AA members), including lots of chocs which will be raffled at the Boxing Day swim (I'm saving up to buy a whole book of raffle tickets already!!) ;)

Gill Erer of 'Didim Friends of Animals' charity (the beneficiary) has asked me to thank everyone on her behalf. 2,200tl was the final tally from the Bring & Buy. :D

Big vote of thanks also to the Citrus Bar, who not only gave Gill a large cash donation (in addition to the above), but 2 slabs of Cadburys chocolate to go into the 'Chocolate from the UK' raffle!

Well worth the problems with the heat, but I have to admit I was so happy to get home and have a really cold shower - no doubt all the volunteers felt the same. 8-)

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