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by andrewthomastait 12 Jul 2011, 15:26
Can I just add my thanks to everyone involved and in attendance at the Cavern last night !! It was a fab night, and one in which I was very pleased to be involved in. I hope that we have raised a nice sum from the evening. Thanks again to all !!
by PJRichards 13 Jul 2011, 05:42
Water sports and the likes are NOT covered on your ordinary travel insurance. Remeber the man on third beach that dived in off the pontoon and broke his neck.

Insurance refused to pay saying it was 'water sports'

He dived in, it wasnt water sports. :?
by Duke 13 Jul 2011, 12:13
Hi Pauline & theres me thinking "Water sports were a specialty of Dolphin Square" ?????? By the way I cant get insurance due to my Cancers & Heart condition BUT I do have funds to cover any troubles... Well I hope theres enough Put me in a Bin Bag & let the Belideydie sort me out!!!

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by puwer98 13 Jul 2011, 20:54
Are Duke it is bow 150TL for the cemetery but only if you have a RP

Non RP deaths body's MUST leave the country

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.
by iainho00 13 Jul 2011, 21:17
we both enjoyed the night and i would as i am always happy to help as it could be any of us who might once need help one day

Iain & Stacey
"Zeus Heights"
by Welsh Dragons 14 Jul 2011, 10:42
When we first came to live her in Turkey we were quoted £1,000 a year each for full medical cover. I thought this too much so we put a lump sum in the bank for medical treatment and of course we get interest on that. This is our 5th year now so we would have paid £10,000 out now and we, thank goodness haven't needed any treatment. We've been to the Chemist a few times for minor ailment but that's all we've needed. So at the moment we re quids in what the future holds who knows.

by Valian 15 Jul 2011, 05:00
Very sensible Mary. We did the same. Ian's quadruple heart bypass costs came out of our medical fund.

Val Image
by lynne 15 Jul 2011, 12:32
:) We also attended the charity night and a good time was had by all,well done to all involved,it was

a great turn out for a very worthy cause.wishing Jean a very speedy recovery.

Lynne + Bill

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