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by Ken 08 Feb 2012, 11:45
sheree wrote:hi tracey ..yes i remember you i met you a few times mum told me you would ask about us all the time thankyou for all your help will see you this year :)

Ken thankyou for the reply and offer that fine i will post on here nearer the time again the raffles ect and donations will be taken at genis bar im not sure if youve heard of it its behind toros hotel just up the road from meremana hotel ?

thankyou both for your offers xx

I'm sure I shall find it, see you in May.


by sheree 08 Feb 2012, 15:28
i have just called the ward to let them know my plans they were very happy and looks like were the 1st people to have done somthing like this make it even more special to me and my partner ... i am also making monkey bears for the children i would have shown a picture but i dont think you can on here :S ...

i am having good feelings from this ... :)

thankyou pauline and peter very thoughtful of you both i shall be in contact ...

thankyou to all of you ken if you cant find just mail me here :)

roll on september ...xxxxxxxx

An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth,Then whispered as she closed the book,"Too beautiful for Earth" missing you Kaan xxx
by kevang 08 Feb 2012, 23:59
Please let me know what i can bring over or do to help, im not over until possibly easter as my visit on friday for the week is at full luggage allowance but if there is anything i can bring over that will help raise funds then i will, also in the summer if it helps at the end of our holidays i always have loads of the childrens clothes that i give away, if these can help any then please let me know and i will keep them for you x
by sheree 09 Feb 2012, 20:02
thankyou all clothes or anythıng not wanted nomore please pass on to us these wıll be sold at a bıg table top sale.:)

tracey they are teddy bear monkeys ı have just set up my websıte on facebook ı am tryıng to get a sewıng mashıne now as my fıngers are absoultly prıcked to peıces :) but ı am enjoyıng ıt and ıt makes me feel lıke ı am stıll doıng somethıng for kaan xxxxx

An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth,Then whispered as she closed the book,"Too beautiful for Earth" missing you Kaan xxx
by TraceyandBaz 10 Feb 2012, 12:06
Sheree, post a link to your Website please. I am not very good with Facebook, so probably wont be able to find it.

Edited to say I have found it. You are very creative and to think you did all this by hand, no wonder you need a sewing machine lol.

by Waarden 14 Feb 2012, 01:29
Hi im so so sorry for you lose we to no dad he dose our pool for us any think that you need just let us now and we will try and bring it out for u not shore if we will amke it this year as hubby is not a well bunny thinking of u always kim and chris
by TraceyandBaz 14 Feb 2012, 10:52
Sheree, Are you a Member of the Turkish Living Forum? If so post your request for a sewing machine on there, if not I can post on for you.

Baz and I will give you half of the money for a second hand one. We were going to buy Kaan a present anyway, so will do it in his memory. We can pay the money into your Dad's UK bank account.

ps. Have sent you a pm.


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